Have you ever tried converting high resolution videos or gaming on a MacBook? It is painfully slow, getting hot, and sometimes simply impossible, which shortens MacBook lifespan. What if you could use an external graphics unit instead?

Introducing the world's first docking station with external graphics card dedicated to Mac computers. Thanks to the iBow Docking Station your mobile laptop transforms into a full-fledged power graphics computer.


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See why the iBow Docking Station is the ideal solution for Photographers, Video Editors, Architects, Engineers, Gamers and anyone else who needs graphics power


How It Works

Apple laptops have never had high-end graphics cards and sufficient number of slots. This is because powerful graphics cards are power-hungry and generate a lot of heat. And we believe this situation isn't going change any time soon. That's why you need the iBow Docking Station. It’s a cost-effective solution to increase productivity and boost creativity.

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Our Team

The brains behind the iBow Docking Station

Semion Gengrinovich


Semion is Mechanical engineer with more than 10 years experience in product development.

Igor Ruchaevski


Igor is an E&E engineer with more than 8 years experience in prototyping complex mechatronics systems.

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